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Ripa the Runway


Baiba Ripa

Baiba Ripa

Baiba Ripa has passion for details… this gorgeous line focuses on the interplay between form, ornamentation on fabric, and the human body, creating intricate designs that are unique and above-the-trend. From the site:

“BR” garments emphasize structure and conceptual forms with masterful classic tailoring and exquisite detailing. Innovative, clean design and simple patterns are combined with tangible paper-like optics.

This collection is inspired both by forms from virgin nature and the architectural geometry of the urban environment. Traditional hand worked embroidery and tailoring are a never-ending source of ideas.

The foundations of our label are quality, sensuality, authenticity, transparency and the expansion of reality.

Our macro-embroidery technique, is unique and involves an almost scientific approach to the way we handle fabric.

The “BR” woman stands out by her presence and the way she carries herself without regard to age, shape, and the season of the year or standard of dress. She is free and naturally enjoying the flow of the life and knowing exactly how she wants to live her life – both public and private.

I love these designer! – Dea AKA White Deamonds

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