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Spring in your step



Spring is def is the air. So ladies it’s time to start thinking about warmth and your closest. Today’s featured line is KayLim Designs from LA. In her own words:

I began designing a collection that unites my fervor for all things fashionable along with my love of art. Having a degree in Fine Art; creativity has been the central theme in my life. My inspirations range from historical art to classic cinema. The resulting line bespeaks old world glamour with a neo-modern twist. Historical influences emanate from a world of rich costume heritage translated into modern day fabric and materials. Some of my finished garments have a vintage look about them, but they’re also fresh and crisp, with special attention to unique stitchwork.
I–firmly–believe that one’s genuine art or creativity can never be mass produced since the artist imparts a different unique statement to each creative effort.

My signature look includes irregular hemline; decolorized or hand-died fabric; and all pieces are constructed from a combination of fabrics and at times with just a hint of Far East tones.

I love her unique look and attention to detail! The best part is, you have the option of requesting a custom item!

Your Welcome!

– Pam

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