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Tribes in Midtown



Designer Nitin Bal Chauhan an ethically sound fashion label that claims its foundations with the wandering tribes of Himachal Pradesh, a northern hill state in India. Check out this excerpt:

For Nitin Bal Chauhan traditional fabric origins, techniques and authentic garment choices are a seasonal reality.
The journey of the label began right after Nitin, the creative director, graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, in the year 2002. Right after his graduation he vanished from the city life and took refuge in the laps of The Himalayas, not to be seen for the next four years. There this eccentric artist turned fashion designer, apart from sketching, worked for the upliftment of the crafts of Himachal Pradesh, which resulted in the formation of an NGO by the name of SEWA HIMALAYA. This NGO was started by him in collaboration with one of his friends and the Himachal Pradesh Government.

Nitin’s designs are great because I can wear them to work… his is a genius with his interpretation and creatively.

– Pam

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