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Wig Purifier – clean your hairpiece in style



Many people suffer from hair loss and many of them go for wigs. If a wig is everything you’ve got now, you must care for it properly. Invented to cut the time and hassle of normal wig washing, the Wig Purifier by Ozone Clean offers the luxury to sterilize and deodorize hairpieces daily, without altering their style. It is being said to benefit everyone from alopecia and cancer patients to the elderly and entertainers. The Wig Purifier sterilizes and disinfects you wig with ozone air. All you need to do is to place your hairpiece into it and it will do the rest. The patent pending system eliminates the use of expensive services and harsh chemicals, and removes odors, bacteria and germs in just 10 minutes. Each Wig Purifier is handcrafted and it takes 22 days to produce a luxurious, innovative and functional work of art. The burl finish exterior and cream faux-suede interior gels perfectly with the polished brass hardware.

– G-Money

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  1. Den permalink
    05/22/2009 2:10 AM

    About time someone came out with an idea to get all those smells on of my friends wigs. It sounds a lot easier than washing them and wearing them out so quickly.

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