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Summer Tips: The Shorts



Whoever told you that you can’t and shouldn’t be wearing shorts this summer must live in Siberia or something.  If you’re wise about it, anybody can wear denim shorts at any age, and not look silly.  Remember: 50 is the new 40; 40 is the new 30; and so on.  With some proper preparations, you’ll be able to tastefully rock your denim look and rack up style points from your peers. Remember, if you have bumps and veins you’d rather hide, go longer with the denim. Don’t try to hide them with stockings or leggings.

Try These Tips:

1) Groom your legs: shave, exfoliate, lubricate.  Be sure to apply moisturizer on your legs immediately after patting them dry with a towel.  It helps if you’re just coming out of a mild to hot shower.  This will help with absorption.

2) Fake bake, if necessary.  If not, try rubbing some baby oil down the front of your legs (from below the knees down to just above the feet).  Carefully apply concealer (yes, makeup!) on bruises and scabs.

3) If all else fails, get your legs groomed professionally, and don’t forget the pedicure!  Select a light color, which makes your feet appear tanner.  Neutral, muted tones does the trick.

4) Pair your denim shorts with some fantastic pair of shoes.

– Ms Dash

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