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Playful fashion designer Houstina Summers and her line Cowgirl Heaven. These designs are anything but traditional and Houstina makes some of her most fabulous designs affordable on Etsy. About the designer from her blog:

Houstina Summers, designer of Cowgirl Heaven, and the founder of the Silver Hearts Foundation triumphs through all odds to create a timeless form of art through fashion. She faced many adversities within her personal life like homelessness, depression, and the lost of her father to cancer. All of this heartache occurred in one year, but has not slowed this passionate college graduate down. Summer’s success has sky-rocketed since she launched her career in the fashion industry late in the year of 2007. .

She has intricately created a line that has, in itself, become a timeless fashion trend. “How can something so beautiful come from such a sad and ugly beginning?” “Well, its like gold. Gold has to go through the fire so that you are able to enjoy it in its purest form,” says the designer during an exclusive cable TV interview in early 2008. Sister of former Capitol recording artist Houston, Houstina is no stranger to the spotlight. She was Houston’s personal stylists, which helped create a name for her among some of Hollywood’s most elite celebrities. Her line of revolutionary dresses has a strong 1950’s Hollywood aura. Detailed with vintage beads and semi precious stones, her whimsical pieces are draped with velvets, and layered lace petty skirts.


– Ms Dash

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