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Land of the Rising SUN



Today’s designers are Ryan and Amy Christensen of Sameunderneath.


“We want people to see that despite our differences, we are all the same underneath,” Ryan Christensen said.* He launched the Sameunderneath label eight years ago by selling screen-printed T-shirts from the trunk of his car in Oregon. Since then the brand, featuring earth-friendly fabrics and a simple yet powerful concept, has taken off.

From the designers:

Sameunderneath is a concept, belief, and a way of life that we carry through personal fashion. We feel that Sameunderneath is not only a clothing company, but also a belief in life itself. Society must not focus on the things we don’t have in common, but should magnify the things we do have in common. We realize not everyone is going to like the same type of music, speak the same language, or crave the same taste of foods; however we do know that we all want to feel good about ourselves.

Our objective is to unite those who don’t judge others by religion, race, hobbies, color, creed, and/or sex. Sameunderneath supports the largest race in the world, the HUMAN RACE. Sameunderneath speaks the loudest language, that being love. Sameunderneath sponsors the greatest hobbies and sports of today, LIFE. We are not a clothing company for one specific group; we’re a product lifestyle company for the world. Sameunderneath’s mission is to change the way people look at each other.


– Master Chief

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