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Reco Jeans



Eco-Friendly, fashion-forward Reco Jeans takes the “living green” lifestyle to the next level with an exclusive line of recycled denim. The first company to master the process of using 50% recycled materials, as compared to the 10% that most competitors use, the use of such an innovative fabric in itself makes these a special part of anyone’s wardrobe. Being environmentally-friendly is getting easier and easier these days, but still most eco-fashion is still not setting trends. Sure these Reco’s are made with the health of the planet in mind, even going as far as printing the tags on recycled and/or plantable seeded paper, but these jeans have just as much style as their gas-guzzling cousins.

The brand, repped by Alanis Morissette & Woody Harrelson also came up with a clever way to market themselves; putting a limited edition, 300 piece boxed set up for auction which also includes a Reco iPod case and certificate of authenticity. Allowing consumers to determine the price and value of the brand, winning bids will help determine the price of future collections.

Bidding ends this Friday, July 18th.

– Pam

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