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Bespoken Fall/Winter 2009 Outerwear



We remember coming across this brand at Bloomingdale’s in NYC not too long ago alongside our dream Brooks Brothers x Comme des Garcons blazer and not being able to take our eyes off it.

In Old England, “Bespoke” was the term used for tailored clothing with the customer’s surname written on the fabric, making that garment “spoken for”. The brand Bespoken has been using a lot of the same old English manufacturing processes for their garments, still direct from England continuing the tradition of craftsmanship and quality. It’s generally difficult to find brands, especially when it comes to outerwear that come with a great fit, right off the rack, but Bespoken manages to do so. Nicely cut, clean lines, fitted in all the right areas, roomy in all the right areas, classic silouettes. While they have a full range of garments including blazers, trousers, knitwear and shirts, the outerwear pieces from the Fall/Winter 2009 collection are something definitely worth trying on if you’re looking to be sold on the brand on the spot.

– Master Chief

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