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Obsession: The Lake & Stars



I am obsessed with today’s stunning line from The Lake & Stars. So obsessed that I have actually done a fairly good job of convincing myself that $144 for that gorgeous Truce Camisole (top picture) is worth it…. More about The Lake & Stars:



In an era of diversity and expansion in the world of intimate apparel, unique intimates have become a fashion staple as important and sought-after as the rest of the designer repertoire. With The Lake & Stars, designers Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman answer this demand with collections that couple strong, sexy aesthetics with highly tailored comfort for a versatile addition to the lingerie wardrobe.

Named after a Victorian euphemism for a woman’s skill in the bedroom, The Lake and Stars intimates balance provocation and humor, intelligence and sensuality, for a new vision of feminine style. Streamlined trench coats and daywear find a place among more traditional lingerie essentials, for creative pairings that revive the classic and redefine the seductive.

Designed to stand alone or in complement to other clothes, the styles embody a broader view of lingerie as fashion expression, rather than costume. Their clean lines and assertive detailing describe unique stylistic characters all their own, making them as personal as they are diverse, and as accessible as they are luxurious. They are intimates meant to be seen—reflecting, as a fashion statement, on the open and sophisticated tastes of their wearer.

Embracing fashions of the moment and of eras past, and inspired by the feminine personality in all its quirky, classy complexity, this is lingerie for the free-spirited.

– Pam

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