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A/X gets there premium on!



Armani Exchange (A/X) has been selling denim since inception, and, I might add, pretty innovative denim looks over the years.  They were the few in the beginning who dared to produce Heroin Chic skinny jeans and break away from the traditional, bootcut or straight leg jeans cuts.  And now, A/X is adding a new premium denim line into the mix, for all those Giorgio Armani groupies (like me) who just can’t get enough of all things Armani.  Every time I walk past an A/X, I always take a hard glance through the display window to see if anything was new and exciting.  This time, I couldn’t help but notice a pair of premium men’s jeans on display that had an interesting tie-die/bleach effect.  You know what it looks like when it is raining hard, and the water is just flowing down the window panes?  That’s what I imagined when I saw those jeans.  Medium-to-dark streaks of blue, of varying lengths, appeared to be smeared down the legs of those jeans.  Like indigo rain.  Stare-worthy jeans indeed.


– Aficionado

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