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Obsession: Olanic


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Via Olanic

Mixing cute with a dark undertone and humour with a sharp sophisticated glamour.  Created by designer Niki Taylor, Olanic is an anagram of the designer’s full name, Nicola Taylor has an impressive portfolio, having strong technical ability she combines creative artistic influences with sharp tailoring and cuts with razor edge precision; effective juxtapositions of patterns with an exciting use of exclusively designed fabrics.
It is this quirkiness that caught the eye of Mackintosh, with whom she collaborated with for SS09 to produce a range of stunning Macs for Olanic.

For Autumn|Winter 2009/10, Niki collaborated with Visual artist Kim Coleman to create an artistic presentation at Vauxhall Fashion Scout reflecting the inspiration and experimenting with mirror image.  The theme was clearly portrayed in a mixed media video and clothes presentation.  The video featured a montage of images reflected in mirrors interwoven between clips of models demonstrating the asymmetry of the collection.

page 4.pdf

page 4.pdf

-Ms Dash

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