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About Us


“All art requires courage.”

The Palette – Every artist needs a surface to mix before they create.

The Feather – The complexity and beauty of an artist’s work.

The Tribal Flower – A artist need to flourish in prosperous conditions.

A degree of merit or excellence. Innovative, Creative, and to the Left. These are all ways of describe the newly form Entertainment company which is called High Caliber Enterprise. Music, Movies, Publishing, Fashion, and so on are all parts of the movement. We are looking to make a impact on every form of the industry starting with Fashion. With some large projects underway. We are looking to step into the game head strong with great street and commercial success.

Staff Members

Don AKA Master Chief – Editor-in-Chief

Mr Martin – Lead Editor / Art Blogger/ Marketing

Pam AKA Pleasure P – Asst. Editor / Marketing

C. Rilla – Music Blogger / Lifestyle Contributor

Graig AKA G Money – Lifestyle Contributor

Dea L. AKA White Deamonds – Fashion Blogger / Creative Director

Staci AKA Ms. Dash – Fashion Blogger / Creative Director

Jackie AKA Ms Robinson – Lifestyle Blogger / Music Blogger


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